Rockstar full review...rating 4/5

 After all the hype, and hype, which occurred around Diwali for Ra.One and hysteria to settle early, there was a movie that slowly and surely still intact since the audience and is more a reason.

ROCK STAR today on the 11/11/11 was in many respects a highly anticipated movie, because I am totally sold on the idea, Rock Star Devdas meets his first insights.

Few things balanced right, its very Ranbir Kapoor seemed, was a good choice for the initiative, as it's qualities to be vulnerable and a greater presence among his contemporaries screen comparisons. Young people connect to it and was about a topic like this makes its presence or breaks it.

Imtiaz Ali is a talented filmmaker, and we can see in previous versions (Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal), the control over the characters and their phases of expansion and low emotional is a feat achieved only a few Now, the sensitivity and sensibility.

And last but not least, the biggest factor, rock star and all the way up to the point where he missed a Tin Tin was given to the pure musical genius AR Rahman. After a long time I have ventured to a multiplex, only to his music on the big screen, the last to have taken place only if TAAL (1999) seem to hear.

So all those who have been waiting for is rock star of the film this year, no doubt, and he cut me to the director as the best in Hindi cinema back to the year 2011. It is a journey, when emotions reach their climax when the character is developed from the level of devastation.

Janardhan Jakkar (Ranbir Kapoor) is a Jat family, Pitampura, New Delhi with a reputation for not born in his family. His passion for music and strum guitar has a goal to be famous, but always on the receiving end among the people and friends. His mentor (Kumud Mishra, Amazing) with his understanding of life, he suggests that the creation of good soul music, and we have to go through all the pain of life and in this case, it tries to be close to army Kaul (Nargis Fakhri ).

After some initial hesitation and ridicule they become good friends and every moment of fun and excitement of being together with JJ even went to Kashmir and to participate in the wedding, after which they fly to Prague. She gives him the name of Jordan in giving his introduction to the people around and not through their special relationship, the warmth to come in time to be inseparable.

Having thrown out of the house, he finds refuge in dargah, that a vagabond and connects with his inner self. Fame came to him with the recommendation of the famous Shehnai player (Shammi Kapoor) for some recording contracts, but the gap remains as an artist, not the can into the trap of Commerce will be limited.

Once it during a European tour, which is acquired through the sale of a music mogul (Piyush Mishra, effective), to prepare for a journey of love in Jordan to meet the army, which was derived from bone marrow suffering, but they do in their spare time with the touch of love and passion and some steamy chemistry. His days are limited, but healing power of love is so extraordinary, as it meets to be rich and fine.

By a misunderstanding, and Jordan will be paid as criminals and deported to India, the change in a man of anger, fear and a tortured soul with pain and turmoil, Jordan is the bad boy of music, and then his relationship with the media and the amount .

His detached attitude and a vagabond with a soul of a bird, Jordan creates music and words to express themselves form a hideous scene of destruction.

Rock Star is a very difficult film to do, and if it is the character, but Imtiaz Ali, while today a personal touch and intimacy that is rarely found in movies. It has its contradictions and is not a perfect film, but there is much sincerity in his approach, Aarti Bajaj's editing of the film back and forth really helped. Note the introduction of Jordan to a live audience by Janardhan is singing "Jo bhi kehna chahoon important." Anil Mehta camera moves in close collaboration with the main character in his way to Jordan as Janardhan with great optics and visual language, and the crowd scenes were shot with great aplomb.

Music is the backbone of the film and AR Rahman just proves why he was chosen to express such a complex history of Jordan to be associated. It takes a tremendous effort by him to plunge us into the story and Imtiaz uses his creations to the correct setting.

The support team of Aditi Rao Hydari as a journalist for the life of Jordan and Shernaz Patel are competent. Was very encouraging to see the end of Shammi Kapoor in his last act as a player and transmits heat much Shehnai simply by his presence on the screen. The dichotomy of Fame Jugalbandi is a treat for music lovers on the screen.

Nargis Fakhri is not a weak link in an otherwise perfect casting choice, but is still a new face brings a certain freshness in this project. A scene where she works for a hug, and his pale patient is imaginative and haunting a beautiful moment.

Ranbir Kapoor gives a harrowing performance as Janardhan / Jordan, which are discussed in the next few years and he has to Imtiaz for writing a character who transforms through different emotions right through to completion to thank. He keeps the film on its own as a true rock star ask us forever and never make us believe, is a star when it came into force.

Madness and moments are too rare in movies where they do not ask about each one. Rockstar has a heart, where love knows no boundaries, where good or bad it does not matter, love the wildness of some bring in you and if you have never reached such a height superior, not twice. Go ahead.

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