Ranbir Kpoor: Nargis doesn't like being linked to me'

Mumbai, 6 November - Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri said enthusiastically, "talent", since the two started together on the rock star and looks forward to the amazing response he has made ​​the promos and the songs were released.

"Although the film follows 10-year-old Janardan Jakar to be musical journey on the way to the legendary rock star Jordan, the film is primarily a love story where the girl is important," he says.

And what is their true romance? "I take care of Nargis and I'm sure she does. We share a deep friendship, but we are not in a relationship," Ranbir answers and notes that it has always been open about his relationships.

"Why should I hide now? But the fact is that I was alone for a while. Nargis bound to not like me ... you are embarrassed by him. It is not our country and worked really hard to make his mark on our to make film industry. I hope the media will be nice to her. "

The actor admits he is now, is paired with a romantic co-star used, even if he is not out of it. "The next newcomer I start a movie with my girlfriend is new," he sighs, but says that what people say and think, makes him change his ways is not easy. "I'm 29, single, and pretty good success. I will not stop going out to a movie or dinner with a co-star after a busy day."

Ranbir agrees that grace to the right place at the right time, she has a lot of attention from the film industry, the public and the media. Playboy, "" Casanova "and" But all this attention has made ​​a number of labels such as "" The Next Big Thing. "When I took them seriously, it would derail or distracts me so instead I focus on my work," says the actor, whose film begins Friday.

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