Ranbir kapoor: I ain't no Cobain!

NEW DELHI, 5 November - The Character Actor Ranbir Kapoor Jordan upcoming movie, Rock Star, makes waves for its robust appearance and attitude, and the rumor mills are emotions, which has fallen by an Indian singer Kurt Cobain, Nirvana.

Ranbir however, denies the speculation. "There is no inspiration for Kurt Cobain. It is a completely new (director) Imtiaz Ali wrote," says 29-year-old added that "Jordan is not all influenced by the West. This is a Hindi-speaking boys desi jaat the bylanes of Delhi, just infatuated with the idea of ​​a rock star is. "

Method actor, an avowed Kapoor has learned guitar for the role. "When Imtiaz offered this role to me, I realized that this character to play with conviction, I have to learn the guitar and required to participate in the creation of musical film. So I learned the guitar for about two months before the movie began. I could not learn it from scratch and just focus on the songs, "he said.

One can not help noticing the actor has grown accustomed to the grip now, and it scratches very well. "Now I can but it's really unfortunate for me as an actor, I can not sing. But yes, I'm on. I have a guitar teacher who has been with me through this film and I continue to exercise with him. This, I hope, I can become a rock star at some point in time, but now I'm far away, "he said.

Ranbir calls Rockstar a film about "the pure love and spiritual." He said: ".. It is always possible to destroy this person in our lives that we love deeply, and the person for us, but it also makes us who we are rock star is on the way this person."

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