Aishwarya Rai On top of the world at38

Mumbai, 30 October - Tuesday, 4 November will, in turn, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 38th And possibly this week, it will become a mother. It seems that every adult today ... Or maybe not! Five minutes and that laugh of girl tingling available. And I'm back for 1996 and our first interview ... Just days before the marathon phone, brandy-eyed beauty with jewels, adorned Brida was fully equipped, in front of hundreds of camera flashes appear at the Hotel Leela Kempinski. It was composed in graceful dance to the sounds of a classical piece by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan influenced ... Aur Pyar Ho Gaya!

It was a fortunate coincidence that the title of her first Bollywood film, co-starring Bobby Deol and directed by Rahul Rawail, reflect the sentiments of many across the country ... And all over the world. However, the success is not easy, the most beautiful girl in the world.

When Aishwarya was almost the title in the Miss India Sushmita Sen lost little known there was a collective sigh of disappointment. She had no expectations of the masses or the media gathered ... But Sushmita had when they the most popular coveted crown of Miss Universe international competition, although it is too large, too thin and "desi" snap went. Ash survived the dark frowning and shaking his first flop, went home another crown by taking impressive world.

And courting the merchants of dreams back, both the beauty queens with his dream debut. Sushmita has chosen Dastak, a story of Mahesh Bhatt directed the fatal obsession ... Ash, a Tamil film co-starring Mohanlal, Goutham, Revathy and Tabu. Since then, it was not Mani Ratnam on, then a few were impressed with Iruvar. But Ash was ecstatic.

They filmed a commercial for Pepsi in Chennai, Mumbai, Mani opened in theaters. Given all the controversy surrounding it, it does not mean that they would be able to see the film in Mumbai and so slipped into a theater to its Tamil version to catch. And left deeply moved she had known since the riots first hand. Spontaneously, she had the photo of Rajiv Menon film called, she had known since their modeling days.

After congratulating him, she had flown Mani. He had come to Hyderabad and not talk to him. She returned to Mumbai did not expect to hear from him. And was stunned when he called him a film, Iruvar. "Even before I became Miss India had been flooded with roles. But to have the time, and modeling studies have been more than enough. At the end of '95, I began to regard the film as a career. Call Mani sealed my decision "she said, stressing that despite all the hype and hysteria surrounding the introduction of Bollywood, she had pulled from his first film with director Mani fire a month ago.

There was a time when an architecture student, Aishwarya had dreamed of building homes. These dreams have been killed after she was crowned Miss World. "I knew it would not be possible to be a normal student, for me," she sighed. It was not so terrible to be a star, I replied, wondering how it felt. on the roof of the world and Aishwarya laugh sounded typical: "I do not know, I'm still climbing." In these 15 years of ash climbed many mountains, and touched many heights. But somehow I know it only when she weighs her bundle of joy, that they really feel on top of the world. I am sound of his laughter still waiting!

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