Heroine Bebo gets over Rs. 7 Crore, beats Aishwarya!

Mumbai, May 29 November - this year, Bodyguard and Ra.One have raked in more than two R 100 crore, making it a successful year for Kareena Kapoor, the lead female role in two films. Run and collect the films "good box office, the actor decided to hike its fees.

Apparently it is R 7 crore for his next heroine Madhur Bhandarkar case. "Service was offered heroin twice, but there is not a green signal, because they and the policy makers, UTV and Bhandarkar could not agree on fees. But now, things are organized," says a close aide of the actor.

If the amount reported is true, is Kareena Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Bollywood actor as the highest paid women to replace, according to industry sources. He had played alongside Rajinikanth in Robot reported last year for an amount of approximately R 6 crore.

Ask a comment on Kareena and she says she is "the challenge" with regard to his role, but refuses to talk about money. "To this day I have never on my paycheck in the media. But for heroin, I am only what I deserve," she said with a smile. In the recent past she has acted in blockbusters like 3 Idiots (R 200 crore, 2009) and Golmaal third (R 100 crore in 2010) But she is wary of the pressure that comes with success:

"The first day of shooting I was nervous because it's a lot of pressure. We plan to do something completely different." The actor was also recently named sexiest woman in Asia in the world by the weekly, Eastern Eye. She said.. "I could not believe I actually started laughing when I heard about it I'm not used to be And in Asia, which is a huge continent, the idea is frightening and amazing as I Saif... said he was like, "Why Asia? It is in the world. "I think it was pretty sweet."

And while Kareena has been anointed with the '100-crore heroine, having worked in four films, including 3 Idiots, Golmaal 3, Ra.One and bodyguard, she hopes to rake in the heroin and money. She said: "This is all because of the pressure (the day-100-crore) is on my head."

The original choice for lead heroine, Kareena stepped into the project only after Aishwarya retired after announcing she was pregnant. Still, she looks forward to his role: "My character in the movie, that's me It's something I can do something, so I hope that I will be able to do it well .."

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