Nokia X7 press shot emerges with AT&T branding, subsidized hopes and dreams

Is AT&T seriously gearing up to sell a subsidized Nokia smartphone once again in the US of A? Given the company's long absence from being included in any US carrier's smartphone section,
it still feels more like a dream than an impending reality, but that image above is certainly hard to ignore. According toPocketnow's sources, the first press images of the Nokia X7 are legitimate, and the AT&T branding isn't by accident. Purportedly, the Symbian^3-based phone will be hitting Ma Bell's shops as early as this month, bringing along an eight megapixel camera (with dual-flash), four speaker grilles (two of which have drivers underneath) and a ClearBlack display. Hit the source link for a look at the rear.

Update: Our dreams have been dashed by Pocketnow, who says its original source was out of date -- AT&T had apparently planned to stock the X7 under the name "Nokia Journey" in time for a Mobile World Congress launch, but those plans have reportedly been canceled by AT&T itself

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